The hallmark of our 4PL service

is collaboration.

Integrated Logistics provides fourth-party logistics (4PL) services that align our clients’ international supply chains with their long-term business strategies, deliver a continuous flow of value from suppliers all the way to end customers, save money, leverage capabilities and increase earnings per share. Our 4PL offering can help your business:

Together, we’ll use Lean methodologies to define your future state, build a roadmap for your entire organization to follow and manage all of your logistics in keeping with the plan.

Integrated’s 4PL offering leverages value stream mapping, a Lean tool that drives stakeholder alignment and prioritizes actions. Using VSM, we establish a True North — a supply chain vision — and enable a business case methodology to validate bottom-line savings and ROI for every initiative.

Instead of reactively focusing on problems, we proactively focus on value: how we can add it, where we can reduce the waste that erodes it and how we can increase it through supply chain flow. Lean tools are at the heart of how we do this work. In addition to identifying your True North, we use VSM to visually depict your supply chain and identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency.

When we redesign a supply chain for a client, our primary goals are to achieve savings, improve core competencies, and deliver overall value. As a 4PL, Integrated is able to offer flexible, pay-for-performance models to fund these operations and initiatives. It’s our way of sharing your investment in our partnership and committing together to your results.